Discover the Best Tripod for your Cell Phone

You need to take a photo, record a video, attend a meeting where you have to take notes, follow a recipe while cooking…, so you decide to rest your mobile on the table, it falls; you put an object behind, it slips; you stretch your free arm, it’s useless… total disaster!

This all sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This problem is more common than you can imagine. Luckily there is a very simple and inexpensive solution: the cell phone tripod.

Cell phones have become much more than an object to call and sometimes we need a support that makes our life easier and ensures the physical integrity of our device. I don’t want to tell you how many times my smartphone has been about to fall into the pot, into the sink or into the street from a third floor, but surely this also sounds familiar, right?

So that nothing like this happens to you, I’m going to show you mobile tripods of different types and prices, so you can find your ideal companion and put an end to the dramas once and for all.

  1. How to choose a good mobile tripod
  2. Best tripods for cell phones
  3. Mobile tripod with light
  4. Tall cell phone tripod
  5. Mobile tripod mobile stand

How to choose a good mobile tripod

When it comes to choosing the best mobile tripod, I recommend that you first think about your needs. What will you use it for?

Depending on the answer you will need to consider the following aspects:

  • Height. There are tripods of many heights. Do you need a tripod at ground level to record your skateboarding tricks? Or maybe you need a tripod to record you standing up to teach an online class? Do you want it to rest on the ground during your online pilates class or are you going to put it on a surface? Depending on what you are going to use it for, you can choose between high tripods and mini tripods.
  • Size. And by size I don’t just mean the height, but the size it has once folded. Because it is not the same if you use it at home, in a studio or workshop, or if you are going to carry it in your backpack or bag almost every day.
  • Weight. Size and weight are related. The heaviest tripods tend to be the most stable; the lightest, the easiest to carry. If you want a tripod that’s easy to carry, make sure it’s light. If you’re not going to move it, you may prefer stability. And then there is the possibility of finding a balance between weight and size.
  • Stability. If you want it for long exposures or slow speed photography, make sure it’s a stable tripod. The same if you also want to use it from time to time with a heavier camera.
  • Shutter release. Some models come with remote shutter release, if it’s for taking self-portraits, group shots, etc., you’ll want to keep this in mind.
  • Hot shoe. If you are interested in attaching a light, microphone, etc., look for a hot shoe.
  • Feet. There are mobile tripods that have flexible or articulating legs (or feet) to hook onto a branch or a handlebar, for example, or that open each leg at an angle. Others are fixed and you can only open all three legs at once, etc. Again, depending on the use you are going to make of it, and the terrain where you want to use it, one type or another will suit you.
  • Uses. Some cell phone tripods have different functions, selfie stick, monopod, tripod, etc. Keep this in mind if you need a versatile tripod above all other aspects.
  • Price. Set yourself a maximum budget. As in everything, there are different prices, from very cheap to quite high prices for a professional use, the important thing is that it covers your needs and that it is within the margin that you can (or do not mind) to pay; or invest, if it is for your business.

Best mobile tripods

As we have just seen, every user has different needs and you have to find the one that is ideal for you. Now, these are the best (mini) mobile tripods, our personal recommendations:

Fotopro: the most flexible

The contortionist mini tripod, for taking adventure photos, in nature, from impossible angles, etc. With its flexible legs you can place it wherever you want. It can be used for your cell phone, camera or GoPro.

Fotopro Camera Tripod, Flexible Tripod, Portable Tripod with 1/4'' Screw for Canon, Nikon, Action Camera, Mobile Tripod for iPhone, Galaxy, Xiaomi with Phone Clamp, Tripod.


Price: 24,99 €

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